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There are a number of things that you can add to your home decor that will have a basket. The baskets not only open decorative, they also blend well with all the decorations and are in most suitable for double needs and much needed decoration.
or even you can design a gray living room

Below you will find some smart ways to use a basket. Enjoy!

1) Letter sorter. Try hanging a row of baskets near your entrance. When you walk home while sorting mail, enter the appropriate letter with the appropriate basket. Prepare one basket for each family member and attach the junk mail to the junk basket that you have placed just below the row of baskets on your wall. In this way everyone has easy access to their mail and junk mail is brought too.
2) Kitchen organizer. There is a lot of work in the beautiful kitchen. One such work is from napkin holders. Truly a basket with a famous brand that represents the perfect size for holding napkins for a dining table. In addition, the taller basket becomes an excellent handle for kitchen utensils that must be easily reached from the stove. There is even a small basket that is a good handle for small jars of seasoning that are often used such as salt and pepper. Open your eyes when you are in the next kitchen and ask for all the good baskets that can help.
3) knitting preparation. Larger baskets are excellent tools for taming wild animals that can easily become your knitting gear and understand you. Limit your collection to just one large basket and get rid of things that don’t fit. This keeps you on top of tying your knits while they are off the site and protected from dirty baby claws.
4) Place the umbrella. This is an excellent use for a basket if you have the right size. Place it on the floor to the right of your coat rack or wardrobe or at your entrance and you will always have ready access to your umbrella. A compilation of bad weather is approaching you.
5) Magazine holders. This is one of the very common uses for baskets but must be very good.
6) Toy box. This might be a favorite among parents who are lucky enough to have an additional empty basket at a certain time. Whenever an unexpected company shows up, it is an excellent tool to quickly gather all the toys that get lost and match invisibly.
7) Office supplies. There are many baskets which are excellent organizers and holders of office supplies. From pens and pencils to those ideal for paper clips, sticky paper and liquid paper, there are plenty of baskets that are ideal for home offices.
8) Laundry inhibits. This is another use for baskets. They can breathe according to the nature of their design so that if for some reason wet clothes or wet towels are tossed up there is no need to mean rubble to get all the laundry.

This is not to say a complete list of basket virtues but a good place to start when you have an internal debate about whether to invest money in a good quality basket for your home decorating needs.

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